Saturday, February 28, 2009

Journal Entry: CRAP -- a contraction of Candy and wRAPpers

Hey peepz!

It's been a long while since I've actually done some postings up here. Kinda got phazed a little regarding personal issues and self-esteem but, nevertheless, I guess I've finally came up with the need to do writings for this little outlet of word-barf.

Today, I was doing nothing but purge the house of all things miniscule, dusty, sucky and insignificant-in other words, trash. It's perhaps the only thing that gets me going. My kins these days have been more than accommodating in leaving candy wrappers, crumpled paper, hair and smudges on the floor. Talk about job description for a chore. (Which reminds me, I'm utterly UNEMPLOYED -- pitiful, i know.) With all the droppings on the floor, it kinda stirred some kinks (pardon, I can't seem to find a better word for it) in my mind. I have resolved myself to enjoying what I'm doing as of the time being. I've always found stepping on candy wrappers rather amusing especially when they give off that crisp sound of being thrashed. So I stepped on one and to my surprise, I was surprised! It didn't give off any sound! Crap! I was disappointed.

Well, I was bored. What's the point of the narrative? I'm still figuring it out.

Good day, though!hehe

Monday, February 2, 2009

Journal Entry: Contemplations of a Slacker

It has been quite a while since I've actually wrote anything here. It seems that I was way too preoccupied about stuff regarding matters that I'd like to keep as nothing but circumstantial indifference about myself and the environment. It is so overrated when one says that he is so fed up when all the while he never really did anything that was of value. However, nothing is really of no value in this world; some things are not just worth all the acknowledgment and effort. That's just probably it. It's not that I didn't do anything; I just did something that was barely what others perceive to be significant thinking that better things were better drawn out than what was drawn. Nonsensical?Not really. I just understand myself better than anyone can reckon. Being progressive was never the idea of development. Development is the main idea of progressiveness. I deter to progress because I have never altered anything about my ways and understanding. In irony, one finds that his ways will be tested, contradictions will defeat the "id" and in these times of trying, the surviving assumptions will meld and liquefy into your being. Indivisible and invisible. I am lax not because I was strained then recoiled; I was always the way I was--only my doings didn't provide much of a produce.