Monday, April 27, 2009

Entertainment: Claymore

My former classmate once asked me what anim would I recommend for him to check out. I've had a few in mind but I guess he might have seen them before since they're quite one of the mainstream roster out. So I thought again and one came into mind immediately. Claymore.

Claymore is the story of a young woman who is a part of an elite organization that is tasked to battle out Yoma (sentient beings who feed on human organs) in a world full of darkness and secrets. Claymores are human beings experimentally infused with the flesh of a Yoma to be able to gain the strength and power of the former. They are called such for they weeld gargantuan weapons called "Claymores". After being subjected to the process, a claymore then starts to possess silver eyes which also gave them the nickname "silver-eyed witches". Ironically, they were created to battle Yomas but humans detest them for being who they are and being afraid of the fact that they might be no different than the monsters they fight.

Clare, the main protagonist of the story, is the lowest ranked soldier of that organization and was often looked over by the others who stood higher than hers. Like any other anime, you get to see her become one of those stronger casts but what's different about this one is her motivations. She basks on the thought of avenging those important to her that were unforgivably wronged and taken away instead of the typical aspirations of being together again for the sake of love and brotherhood. Anyways, you're gonna have to watch the series to get the better and juicier parts out of it. This one is smart, fast-paced, visually grandiose, effective and very graphic. Check the fan-made trailer below to get a glimpse.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Entertainment: Enter Dissidia

The final fantasy series have been one of the most lucrative franchises that the gaming industry has ever fathomed. It has evolved from a two-dimensional turn-based role playing game to a ground-breaking visual spectacle before the eyes of the most vigorous players on Earth. Putting aside all these technological advancement that is quite evident in the games, the more attractive part of it all are the characters and storyline that each series produced making each of them all stand out against the others and more so, from other games with the same make.

Just recently, I was able to discover a new game that Square-Enix had released in Japan. The game is called Dissidia: Final Fantasy. The game is perhaps well-anticipated as to its attribute of being a fighting game in itself. For me, this seemed kinda new since Square have been more concentrating on creating RPG's than this kind. What's more interesting is that it has brought back unforgettable characters that hailed from the entire FF spectrum. Now that I think about it, I'd like to see Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart and Zidane Tribal get into a brawl to the death to see who's the real man among them. Based on the game intro cinematic, it looks like it'll be more like a battle against their respective nemesis since they've decided to tag along anyway. Check the trailer out.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Entertainment: Where did Sandara Park?

Marked by boredom and the myriad of youtube videos, I decided to fill my time with watching visual footages of people trying to make it big in the newest place for a reality "TV" star, YouTube. As I tried to key in Lollipop with the hopes of finding Lil Wayne's cover, I instead found something weird yet interesting.

The estranged and once rising superstar, Sandara Park has been spotted yet again. Not in the Philippines but in her own motherland. After her desperate act of posing sexy on a mag, it looks like the "krung-krung" finally gave up on her chances in the country and tried her luck in South Korea. Fortunately, it seems like things are looking up as the "Michelle Branch look-a-like"(at least to my perception) is now slowly becoming a celebrity there -- I think. It seems that it is an endorsement commercial film where Sandara is also an endorser among other Korean celebrities. As we all know, an endorsement could probably mean that she's getting popular.

I must say that the jingle is catchy, the set is expensive and top-notch, and she's pretty even for Korean standards. Now, we know what to answer when seeing people with that statement on their shirt. Hehe.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Goings-On 2: The Push

Just this morning, my pops was going out to send my siblings to school. I guess they were running late judging by the fact that they were trying to rush out of the house. Unluckily, the car got caught up and they tried to push it to the end of their contentment. Under gravel and sand, the car won't displace off its current position. So they called me up out of my healthy serving of slumber and told me to push the car with them. As expected, the car moved. I felt powerful. Hehe.