Sunday, May 17, 2009

Goings-On 3: The Awakening

Yesternight, I decided to sleep late for something that anyone would consider as nothing but a waste of time. I have already planned out everything that I'd be doing the following morning. Having that in mind, I kept in my head the thought that I would be able to wake up early no matter what because some people have always provided me the notion that everything can be done if you just put your mind to it. Having finished what I was doing, I went to bed with still the idea persevering in my head. The following morning I woke up past noon. I was fooled.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Entertainment: Who wouldn't give anything for Trading Yesterday

I'm typically bored today and didn't have anything to do aside from thinking about some things that have been bugging me right at the back of mind. So what's the best thing to do?

Chill. Unwind. Relax. Put some good music on and wear those headphones.

I found this really good band way before. Their songs have gotten their well-deserved placement on my iPod's playlist. Since the moment I was able to get hold of their albums they've become to be one of my favorites. Don't ask me though how I got their pieces for it will be best for their interest granted how good they are.

The band is called Trading Yesterday. They're an American indie Christian pop rock band since 2004. David Hodges, one of the founders, used to be part of Evanescence as a keyboardist and support vocals but has graciously backed out and created Trading Yesterday. Unfortunately, most of the groups works aren't entirely accessible due to the lack of support from major recording labels and what's worse is that they have already disbanded. You can check out their MySpace account for more information.

Here are some of their songs (my favorites actually):

1. Love Song Requiem

2. Shattered

3. May I

4. Revolution