Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Entertainment: The Spirit of Christmas

It seems that the latest trend to hit Hollywood this season are movie adaptations of immensely popular reading materials and even, movies as well. Just recently, Twilight dislodged many of the film this year for the award of highest weekend opening gross in the US for 2008. The hype must have really bitten the smitten readers and moviegoers of the franchise. Yep, you heard it right. They're already in the talks of making the sequel, "New Moon" which the lead star Rob Pattinson deemed more important than the role of the card-blazing cajun in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. That sucks! It's not like the movie was great or that I've seen it anyway. Bleh!

Next, comes the dark knight all "suited" up with a hint of a red necktie which comes to call himself "The Spirit". The movie is based on one of the most recognizable graphic novels that centers on a cop shot dead but mysteriously came back to life. Despite it's previous reputation with the Alec-Baldwin-starrer, this one seems to provide more boost and punches. Check it out. It stars Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johanson, Samuel L. Jackson and Gabriel Macht. It's directed by Frank Miller, the one responsible for the seriously brutal and fun "Sin City" and "300". It's set for a December 25 playdate--Christmas Day. Cheers!

Twilight Poster source here.
The Spirit Poster source here.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Journal Entry: Just Realized

It was 6:30 am. Pretty early for a wake up call when your classes dont start until after noon but i liked it. When you look out the window, you can't help but know that something really good is about to come. My surroundings are dim but not eerily emphasized, the wind is cool but it doesnt sting, the sun is starting its steady rise to the skies, birds flutter by so effortlessly as if they're jovially pronouncing the rhythm of the morning zephyr. Everything was good as it can really get.

Everything was really nice. It was at this moment that I realized hapit na man diay ang pasko..i can almost taste my grandma's homemade ham, sulfur smokes streaking the holiday scent..sheesh..yep, the holidays are here again...Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year y'all

Journal Entry: thinking out loud..HELP!!!

it's past 11:30 p.m. and i still dont have anything on my chatbox..i've had a few droppings-by messages while coasting along what seemed like an entire list of would-be's and could-be's..hmmm..to think these are just possible exchanges, not that they would really propose to have linked me to them. what a pity..i sound so desperate hehe...well, hopefully, by God's grace and in His time, they might just become mine as well...thanks for surfing through...

gud night mga pips..

Entertainment: Angels and Demons Movie Trailer

Angels and Demons is a mystery novel that brings together an ancient secret organization, the Illuminati and the Vatican for a present-day battle for control. Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), a Harvard Symbologist, must go on a frantic race against time to locate a bomb that can destroy the Sistine Chapel and the cardinals presiding within who are elect the next papacy.

From the ones who helmed the blockbuster "The Da Vinci Code", comes another riveting story from best seller Dan Brown. The movie is set to premiere in the US on May 15, 2009. Watch out.

Information: Stereotype Gamers??Is there still such a thing?

According to a recent survey, normal gamers are not what everyone would say as those whose horns are greener or whose pants are smaller. Or should I say is there such a thing as a normal gamer?

Pew Internet & American Life Project conducted a survey stating that over half of adults play video games. It even stated that an adult whose educational standing surpasses that of those who only graduated from high school are more avid gamers of these video games. Probably an outlet of stress, huh?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Information: Yahoo's 2008 most searched-for tech terms

One of the cool things about working for Yahoo! is that you get to know what consumers are really interested in, based on what they actually search for on the site.

The good people in the Yahoo! search team provided us with the most-searched-for terms in the world of technology for the year to date. Some are surprises, some not so much. Either way: Here are the top 10 terms for 2008, as dictated by you.

10. Garmin - The GPS maker (with a 56% market share) considerably outclassed searches for "GPS." Competitor Tom Tom was the #13 search term.

9. iPod - Now seven years old, ye olde iPod is still a perennial top search on the web.

8. PS3 - The PlayStation 3 is crawling into its own this year, with more games, new models, and an improved online experience.

7. Skype - Though growth is slowing, interest in the leading provider of VOIP calls continues to be high.

6. BlackBerry - With the new BlackBerry Bold and the upcoming BlackBerry Storm, interest in the venerable RIM smart phone continues to surge.

5. PSP - Surprise: The PSP outranks both the PS3 and the Nintendo DS when it comes to the sheer volume of web searches.

4. Xbox 360 - Another game console on the list, no big shock. The Xbox continues its popularity this year thanks to some big price cuts, awesome games, and its upcoming new dashboard.

3. Wii - No mystery on this one. Wiimania continues its run in 2008. "Wii Fit" alone was the #12 search term of the year.

2. iPhone - Have you heard of this device? Apparently Apple has some sort of mobile telephone product out now. Sounds interesting! Must research this.

1. Digital Camera - Check this out! Never mind your iPods, your iPhones, and your gaggle of video game consoles, it's the humble, generic "digital camera" that was the top tech search term this year to date. Why? My hunch is that there's a lot of confusion over largely-undifferentiated camera brands, so consumers need a lot of help in figuring out which one to buy, so they search search search. (On the other hand, if you're getting a Wii, you're getting a Wii...) Plus, cameras are relatively inexpensive now, making them good gifts and affordable for personal splurges, too. Best of all: Digicams are always in stock, unlike pretty much all the other stuff on this list.

Source article here.