Friday, August 21, 2009

Information: SEO tips to ponder on.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to go up the coveted page one on Google's search page results?

It's Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a standard mechanism that enables spiders to quickly grasp the content of a website and display them to users whose inquiries matches that of the site's contents. It is an adequate avenue by which your profile, business and your products could earn its much anticipated recognition and revenue.

The simplest way to achieving SEO is placing simple and relevant keywords on to your site. It is vital to have your site the important terms that your services pertain to. Should you be selling amazing affordable gadgets then try buying the domain After all, search engines simply adore keyword-rich domain names that ultimately match the users' query.

Another SEO tactic is putting keywords in the title of your page. The title is considered as the most important part of your page by the search engine. A thought to ponder though; try not to cram too much in it since it might dilute the effect about it.

Lastly, put your keywords on the top half of your page. Try to sprinkle out the word or some variations of it onto your writings perhaps by having five keywords in a series of 100 words. Still, try not to overdo it.

Simply try out the steps in SEO then you might just have your site spring up to the top of the Google search results from absolute oblivion.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goings On 8: The Morning Stress

Today, like any other day, I woke up to Barry Manilow's vocal stylings. My pops is a huge music buff and I guess he's pretty into whatever the veteran Manilow churns out. Sometimes, it comes to my mind that if Manilow were to pop out of nowhere at that moment, he'd be one of those babbling fans who worship the almost senile fancy pants. So, I continued commiserating for myself for what seemed like forever, which can be translated to until the cd runs out of tracks and then he slides in a new one, when a song came up that couldn't sum up what I was thinking at the moment any better. Manilow crooned out, "You've lost that lovin' feeling...whoa..that lovin' it's gone gone gone...oh oh oh." I said to myself, "As much as I like songs from the past more than today's, I sure have Barry. Now, shut the hell up!"

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Entertainment: Death Note goes Pop!

I was traversing through videos of Sandara Park on Youtube awhile ago when I arrived at this one. At first glance, I was stunned with the video's concept. The apples. The bleached hair. The awkwardness. The blank empty stares and eyeliner (L?). Whoa! Its got Death Note written all over it! Who could blame him though? Death Note was a smart and ingenious manga with all the right twists at the corner. A signature stroke of genius from the mangaka.

Anyway, the track is by a certain G-dragon. According to my research, he's part of a famous(?) korean boyband called Big Bang which I can entirely recall made an endorsement film with Sandara Park not so long ago. The music is somewhat reminiscent of Flo-Rida's smash hit ,"Right Round" and Britney Spears' comeback vehicle "Womanizer"--it just came to mind immediately after hearing the beats. I hope he didn't plagiarize any of the ones mentioned.

As for the video, the artist looks weird. He looked like a typical gender-bending manga character. He seemed like a cross between a woman and a boy. It just doesn't sit right with me. Other than that, their production sets are really first-class. I've never seen those things on Pinoy music videos. It seems we know nothing but the concept of being sweet on picnic scenes, rockin' a live performance in front of a paid hord of "fans", joyrides, solo half-naked shots in a front of a black backdrop and cuts of women being sung to by the singer flashing throughout. The only pinoy video that was pretty pleasing to the eye was Sandwich's "Sugod". It wasn't much but it worked. We can't blame our entertainment industry though, for in this country, it is not that much of a lucrative space to bank on. Then again, South Korea's first world while we could hardly instate ours as a NIC.

I must say though; Korea is fast becoming an entertainment capital of Asia or so I've read somewhere. (Let it be Philippines! Let it be Philippines! Come on, Bro! Hehe)

Check out the video:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Information: Google spreads some love for Ørsted

Google does it again. Its face has again altered form and is shaped into an emblem of one of the best discoveries in Science. You wonder what those wriggly wires attached to a voltaic cell and wrapped around a nail, and a compass is doing other than trying to figure "Google" out, right? (I must say the "Goodle" is pretty cool. Get it? Google and doodle? Hehe.)

The picture is but another attempt of Google to commemorate one important event or persona. This time the image drawn recognizes the greatness of Hans Christian Ørsted. Ørsted is the man responsible for concocting the notion of electromagnetism. What's the illustration's significance to Ørsted's discovery you say? It is but the apparatus that gave him evidence that indeed electricity and magnetism are relatively not strangers to each other. (What are the dynamics of the claim? I dunno. Google it!)

One more thing though. Notice what kind of metal wire is animated by the picture. If you guessed aluminum, then you're right. (If you answered otherwise, you're not alone. I always thought it was copper.) Ørsted is also attributed with the founding or discovery of the element Aluminum.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Mr. Ørsted!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Information: Google perceives Perseids

Google has been known to dress up for the occasion. Many times they've donned their logo with the most startling yet up-to-date images that pertains to any possible on-goings with whatever culture, tradition and season.

Right now, Google is using a picture of a neighborhood at night with a rather picturesque vision of the night sky with streaks of light all around. Now, what could that possibly pertain to?

This is a hint of a phenomenon occurring annually which is called the "Perseids". The Perseids is a widespread meteor shower that is attributed to Earth's exposure to the particles and rocks brought about by the passing of the Swift-Tuttle Comet near our atmosphere. It came to be known as such because the streaks seem to issue from the constellation of Perseus. The meteor shower occurs at around mid-July to late August per year. This year, the peak of this occurence or the time as to when it is most evident is August 12 -- tonight! So go out and bring up your blankets for some outstanding sights to behold. (Unless, it doesn't rain, of course.)

Image Credit: Google (duh!)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Information: Lounge on Direct Satellite TV with Direct TV

Moving can become quite a load to handle. First, it's so taxing to choose as to what you should take along and which things you should leave behind. Second, your local subscriptions are gonna have to be canceled and you're gonna have to reapply at your new residence's local providers. Talk about a load of stuff to handle.

As a TV fan and an internet savvy arbiter (hehe), I tried to look up for certain solutions or alternatives to the current dilemma at hand on the net and found one. DirectSatTV is a solution to such problem. It is a website made be the best digital TV service provider who brings the best of all channels, whether local or international, with the aesthetics of a really neat digital reception. Direct TV is the most popular and convenient way to get the best sports channels in the US. NFL, NHL, MBL, and NBA among others are readily at hand with your subscription to direct tv services and all you're ever gonna need is a digital receiver that comes along with their offers. What's so good about all this is that you can virtually take it with you wherever you are with in the territory of the United States. Enjoy your Direct TV in New York. Have fun with your Direct TV in Texas. Watch your Direct TV in California. Scream along some fans on Direct TV in Florida. Wherever you are, you can have the best of digital TV programming anytime and everytime.

Now, you can move anytime and anywhere and still get your favorite boobtube programs at hand with Direct TV.

Information: Manila Bulletin enunciates President Arroyo's Coffin with "Utmost Care".

This was the the centerpiece yesterday of the Manila Bulletin. I thought I was hallucinating but, apparently, I wasn't nor those who actually saw the paper in circulation.

On August 6, 2009, the Manila Bulletin featured a spread regarding the momentous ceremony of the passing of the former President Corazon Aquino. However, that didn't seem to be the case upon scrutinizing the photo that accompanied the article.

Below the photo, the caption articulated "WITH UTMOST CARE. Military honor guard carefully moves the coffin of President Arroyo out of the Manila Cathedral." Now, who would have thought that President Gloria Arroyo actually went out of her way to witness an interment for a few minutes only to find out it was supposed to be hers?(The coffin seemed too spacious as well.)

I guess it wasn't only Ted Failon who continued to insist (a loud wistful thinking?) that it was President Arroyo who were to be found and buried within the coffin during the ABS-CBN coverage of Pres. Aquino's wake.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Goings On 7: The Preacher

It was English class. Our instructor was trying to delve into the basics of a narrative. I don't know what it is but I never really found the man helping or contributory to your knowledge. I ain't trying to sound much like a smart ass but it's like one of those things that is brought up since high school. So he goes on ranting about in a way that could make anyone think that he was so caught up with himself. Self-indulgence is excusable only if you're not "indulging" in front of your class for the most obvious reason of proclaiming oneself as an "expert". Anyway, so he talks about making your ideas come across your audience easily by being understanding of their capability (more like insulting). He goes on enumerating techniques in establishing easy understanding towards your readers. Later on, I felt a ringing in my ear. He said, "Please avoid using highfalutin terms in your work." I looked around. People were scratching their heads. It's much the same as saying eschew words that are intimidating and obscure like "eschew". I thought he was a good comedian. I started to like him since then.

Practice what you preach, man!

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Entertainment: MYMP is MTMP (Making Their Momma Proud)!!

MYMP is getting love from Koreans! I find it really cool since most people I know find anything imported more appreciable especially the makes of the likes of the slant-eyed, pale-complexioned, unusually-styled (which is usual for them), I must admit, cool people. Globalization and Colonialism's manifestation at its best--I guess.

Cyworld, much like Friendster and Facebook in principle and purpose, is the most used friend-finding site in South Korea. It has even boasted of having 20 million unique visits everyday from their registrants. A number which probably comprises a significant fraction of the South Korean population. In this domain, you can practically enjoin yourself to customizing your profile (minihompy for "their" understanding) with unique appearances, bulletin boards, photos and background music. Music. The area where they find our very own MYMP to be cool as well.

Cyworld normally holds a monthly awarding ceremony for the artists that have done exceptionally well on their online society. (Mind you, song placement on profiles aren't free. You pay for it!) In the recent top list of most favored (paid) music to appear on personal playlists in Cyworld, MYMP peaked at the third spot on July 6 and continued to sail through July 20 treading the chart at ninth place on the Cyworld real-time sales chart. MYMP was able to stand the continuous singles' release of native artists while also warding off potential foreign competitors earning them the International Artist of the Month Award. This implies that they are numero uno among non-Korean artists. Their song "Say You Love Me" must have triggered some chemicals spazzin' around our oriental counterparts' hypothalamus to produce some lovin' for the OPM duo. Below is the July 6, 2009 Cyworld Real-time sales chart. Click for better size and resolution.

I guess our fostering of ESL schools for foreign scholars has its own relative fruition as well.

Good job Juris and Chin!