Saturday, April 18, 2009

Entertainment: Where did Sandara Park?

Marked by boredom and the myriad of youtube videos, I decided to fill my time with watching visual footages of people trying to make it big in the newest place for a reality "TV" star, YouTube. As I tried to key in Lollipop with the hopes of finding Lil Wayne's cover, I instead found something weird yet interesting.

The estranged and once rising superstar, Sandara Park has been spotted yet again. Not in the Philippines but in her own motherland. After her desperate act of posing sexy on a mag, it looks like the "krung-krung" finally gave up on her chances in the country and tried her luck in South Korea. Fortunately, it seems like things are looking up as the "Michelle Branch look-a-like"(at least to my perception) is now slowly becoming a celebrity there -- I think. It seems that it is an endorsement commercial film where Sandara is also an endorser among other Korean celebrities. As we all know, an endorsement could probably mean that she's getting popular.

I must say that the jingle is catchy, the set is expensive and top-notch, and she's pretty even for Korean standards. Now, we know what to answer when seeing people with that statement on their shirt. Hehe.