Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goings On 8: The Morning Stress

Today, like any other day, I woke up to Barry Manilow's vocal stylings. My pops is a huge music buff and I guess he's pretty into whatever the veteran Manilow churns out. Sometimes, it comes to my mind that if Manilow were to pop out of nowhere at that moment, he'd be one of those babbling fans who worship the almost senile fancy pants. So, I continued commiserating for myself for what seemed like forever, which can be translated to until the cd runs out of tracks and then he slides in a new one, when a song came up that couldn't sum up what I was thinking at the moment any better. Manilow crooned out, "You've lost that lovin' feeling...whoa..that lovin' it's gone gone gone...oh oh oh." I said to myself, "As much as I like songs from the past more than today's, I sure have Barry. Now, shut the hell up!"

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