Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Entertainment: Death Note goes Pop!

I was traversing through videos of Sandara Park on Youtube awhile ago when I arrived at this one. At first glance, I was stunned with the video's concept. The apples. The bleached hair. The awkwardness. The blank empty stares and eyeliner (L?). Whoa! Its got Death Note written all over it! Who could blame him though? Death Note was a smart and ingenious manga with all the right twists at the corner. A signature stroke of genius from the mangaka.

Anyway, the track is by a certain G-dragon. According to my research, he's part of a famous(?) korean boyband called Big Bang which I can entirely recall made an endorsement film with Sandara Park not so long ago. The music is somewhat reminiscent of Flo-Rida's smash hit ,"Right Round" and Britney Spears' comeback vehicle "Womanizer"--it just came to mind immediately after hearing the beats. I hope he didn't plagiarize any of the ones mentioned.

As for the video, the artist looks weird. He looked like a typical gender-bending manga character. He seemed like a cross between a woman and a boy. It just doesn't sit right with me. Other than that, their production sets are really first-class. I've never seen those things on Pinoy music videos. It seems we know nothing but the concept of being sweet on picnic scenes, rockin' a live performance in front of a paid hord of "fans", joyrides, solo half-naked shots in a front of a black backdrop and cuts of women being sung to by the singer flashing throughout. The only pinoy video that was pretty pleasing to the eye was Sandwich's "Sugod". It wasn't much but it worked. We can't blame our entertainment industry though, for in this country, it is not that much of a lucrative space to bank on. Then again, South Korea's first world while we could hardly instate ours as a NIC.

I must say though; Korea is fast becoming an entertainment capital of Asia or so I've read somewhere. (Let it be Philippines! Let it be Philippines! Come on, Bro! Hehe)

Check out the video:


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